Give your timber a treat...

A treatment process to suit all applications

Protect your valuable timber with three of the most effective timber treatment systems. At Covers we provide a range of treatments from suppliers such as Osmose and Tanalith, using different cycles of treatments for different risk factors.


We use a waterborne Protim range of envelope treatments for use on above the Damp Proof Course in domestic and commercial building construction.


We also use clear organic wood preservative on prepared joinery wood and manufactured doors, windows, stairs and mouldings. Both treatments are based on fungicidal, insecticidal formulations at the forefront of timber treatment technology. Both are highly effective, non-corrosive and fast drying. A certificate of treatment is issued with every order.

Tanalith E

We have enhanced our treatment process by installating a brand new Tanalith plant at our Chichester site, Quarry Lane.  Using the very latest generation preservative product, the 12m long x 2m diameter vessel is capable of treating annually in excess of 8,500m3 of construction, fencing and landscaping timbers using Tanalith E wood preservative.         
With this treatment facility we are able to offer the very latest products and treatment technology for our customers.  This system ensures that each treatment of timber has the correct level of preservative protection for its eventual end use. The new technology allows us to make the best use of the plant's design and capacity, giving us significant ready treated stocks of key timber components for our customers.

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